Faded Charm

Making it look easy
This is pretty much how R and I described BA within the first 36 hours of the city. Every street corner you turn, you have to be careful of the random wood planks, missing cinder blocks, and steaming piles of dog poo. Everywhere. I mean, seriously, I have enough trouble standing upright on my own two feet on flat sidewalk in ballet flats, I certainly don't need dog turd to further complicate that issue. Fact: I fell flat on my back the night before my flight. I had no excuse. None.

Anyway, Buenos Aires has certainly grown on me in the last few days. Yesterday, we went to Estancia de los Dos Hermanos, making it the third or so time I have been on a horse. The first time, I was only five and everything went smoothly. The second time was only last year when I rode a two year old Icelandic pony over volcanic lava. All Spinka wanted to do was eat and not listen to me.

A & I  making everyone look bad
As luck would have it, the white-with-brown-specks Argentinian horse (this time a real, full grown horse) was an eater too. Corn stalks were his favorite--he went after them with a vengeance, so much so that at one point it was a hundred meters before the gaucho who was with us realized that I had been stuck, completely incapable of moving Sir Eat A Lot away from the corn fields. Other than that, we got along just fine.

Fortunately, my tango lesson partner from the previous night, A, R's friend from the old country who is coincidentally here on business, was a much better listener than four-legs. Miraculously, neither one of us fell or tripped or did anything particularly embarrassing on the dance floor, despite both of my left feet. After this week, I don't need any convincing that I could become a pro at tango or taming & riding horses.

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