Santiago Fast Food: Dominó

Well, fast food here is tasty. I forked over about 5k in Chilean pesos both last night and an hour ago to devour a massive sandwich that can only be described as extremely satisfying. Yes, I ate at the same place twice in less than 18 hours. 

First the setup: American 1950's burger joint with no less than 18 dudes cooking and serving up food behind the counter, a scene of controlled chaos. There are 10 meat options and 20 topping combos ... That's 200 combinations available to this first-time customer. First thing first, I knew that avocado was a biggie at this spot, so I needed to figure out that topping, pronto. 'Palto.' No palto for me.

Right before going out on the food venture, I read that Anhony Bourdain liked the lomito in Santiago (super thin cuts of braised/marinated pork), thus, lomito was going to be the guts of my sandwich with a chacacera topping, which was shredded string beans, slightly spicy fresh green pepper, thick cut tomato, and lots of mayo. A camera would help here, but as you may have read in previous post.. gonezo.

Still not brave enough to try the amped up hot dog, I went for 'mechada,' which I thought was beef. Wrong. It was a thicker cut of pork. So much for aiming for variety. This time topped with (look away if you have an aversion to mayonnaise): something that sort of, kind of resembled a coleslaw, mayonnaise, and tomato. The coleslaw bit was described as salsa verde, so not at all what I was expecting with the double helping of mayo.

My table outside was adorned with 6 options of squeezy bottles, 5 of which were variations of mustard. The last bottle was a red squeezy that could have been mistaken for ketchup, except it's not. It's a sweeter, brighter version of Tabasco. I quite liked it, but the guys back at the old workplace who used to down a bottle of sriracha in a week would not be impressed with the potency. ('Sup, guys!?)

With a few more days here, I'll likely eat at this place again, but hopefully no pork. Now that I've spent nearly an entire paragraph on purely mustard options, I'm out.

Post note: I did eat at this place again, one pic of the chicken sandwich encased in mayo:

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