Wat Hidden Gem: Exploring Chiang Mai, Thailand

The best experiences are those that are dream like. 
Tink-tink. Tink-tink. The wind chimes almost sounded like they were dancing in the air. The wind and grey, shapely clouds added to the moody mystique. Earlier in the day, while taking in the sights within city walls, I was stranded under a canopy on Wat Chedi Luang Worawihan grounds. It did not start raining. No, not at all. This could not be called rain. Resigned to the fact that I was stuck for a little while, I sat on the ground and stared at what was rapidly becoming a moat around the stupa.
My plight was fodder for entertainment for the 29 monks sat on benches beneath the other canopy across the river of rain water. My status included no rain jacket, no umbrella, and electronics in each hand. Yes... I had arrived prepared.

Angry Clouds Above Wat Chedi Luang Woriwihan