The Inaugural Post

So it's only been about, oh I duuno, 14 hours since I landed,after a 36 hour journey (more on that in another post) in my 'first destination' but it feels like it's already been days. I mean that in the best way possible. Typicaly, when things feel as if they take longer than they did, it is beacause the activity was excruciatingly boring and absolutely painful. Well, since I landed in Buenos Aires in the springtime, leaving behind nearly freezing temperatures in NYC... yea, not so much.

Reflections: Casa Rosada
BA on its own hasn't proved to be some spectacular center of culture or metropolis, well, at least, not yet--not on government holidays. However, my British friend, R, is here as well, and aside from mapping out points of cultural interest, such as modern art museums (I still don't get 90% of it), the famous balconey of Eva Peron (the building is bright flamingo pink!), and shopping markets (my favorite), she's made sure to nail down a few places to get steak. And I mean real steak. Carnivores' delight.

R looking over Buenos Aires
Do not come here if you're a veg or in any other way averse to eating meat. Upon asking the landlord of our stay what restaurants she would recommend, R got the following answer, "I hope you like meat." My answer posed to the cabbie from the airport on what the regional dish was, "Carne." <pause> "Asada. Patatas fritas, pero... carne." Yep, I've landed.

Rooftop of the Apartment during our stay in BA

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