Accomplishment Check: SabbaticaLIST 30/30

Here we go. Nothing like holding yourself accountable, right? You have the ability to be your best critic. Why let that ability go to waste?

The comfort zone is a scary place to me. The spot outside of the comfort zone is where the learning and good stuff happens. Inside your comfort zone, you already know everything and everyone. Not a whole lot of shock and awe going on there. No shock, no awe   > no learning, no growing.

If I do say so myself, I'm pretty good at existing just outside the comfort zone. Though it turns out, doing things that are uncomfortable for most people, like have no itinerary when travelling or attempting to hike up a cliff as an acrophobic, are now neutral experiences, at best, for me. So, I've adjusted a few. Here's how I've done so far, as the list itself is still a work in progress: