Graffiti: Santiago Style

 So, instead of being in Santiago for three days, I ended up spending nearly two weeks here, mostly waiting for parts of my electronic life to be shipped to me. Santiago is not a particularly amazing city, but the culture is interesting to observe. The neighborhoods are quite different and the people in them vary with the surroundings. I would say that the division is about as severe as NYC neighborhoods, if not more. Still not ready to ask people for their photos, I have only streets and PLENTY of graffiti on my camera (well, as much as I could cram in 26 hours).

A little bit of Marilyn
More graffiti after the jump..

View of Santiago from Cerro San Cristóbal

Market in Bellavista. Soo many colors.

Locals LOVE this thing. It's oats, half peaches, and peach juice, I think. Surprisingly nice.
Beep Bop

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