Minimalist Packing for Morocco + 5 Favorite Travel Items

The challenge was to travel with only a backpack. No, not the ‘big’ 45Liter backpack that I had around the world. The smaller one. How did I manage? Let’s see.

I bought this Under Armour backpack on a total whim. You might recall one of my earlier posts (if not, here it is :]) that it was a mere 3 hours before we were due to depart from JFK and we were still faffing about in my friend’s apartment. I needed a smaller daypack at least carry my brand-spanking-new laptop. Anything that wouldn’t crush it in the big backpack. Off to Modell’s. No luck. Absolute fail. Upstairs is a discount chain store (I can’t remember exactly which one it was) and I spot the Under Armour for a super bargain $40 price. Steal!

Reflections of Heaven: Surfing in Morocco

*Unfortunately I did not have my camera. I have no photos of this day. It was quite a unique day. Taghazout, Morocco
I did my surf experience with Surf Berbere

This is what heaven looked like. Streaks of silver and gold flowed atop the smooth, rolling planes of the water. A grey, misty sky melted into the horizon of the ocean. Without gravity, there would be no way to tell which way is the sky and which way is the ocean. I wonder if I am dead. It doesn't seem that I am. But there is no way to be sure. By this time, my toes had lost feeling.

Shopping: Back to Bangkok

Malls in big cities in Asia are ridiculous. They make American malls look like shameful pawns. 

This is a perfect example of traveling solo but not actually being solo. On my last day in Bangkok, I wanted to check out a mall whose floors were each decorated in a particular city. Rome, San Fran and London made their cameos, but NYC did not. Pile of rubbish.
Almost the real thing. Same same but different.