Country Life and the Bright Lights of Dannevirke

The land is sprawling. It is varying shades of green. There may be a pine tree forest (not native to the country). The hills are rolling and steep. No, not Jack-and-Jill-danced-up-the-hill rolling. I mean you definitely need an ATV or wicked dirt bike to make it anywhere kind of rolling. Then, all of a sudden, you have a thousand pairs of eyes looking at you and totally scared of you. Sheep! So many sheep! Little ones, big ones, lambs, rams, you name it. Welcome to a sheep and cattle farm!

Flyway: New Zealand Air Talk

Alas! To the land further than the land down under! G and I took the 3.5hr flight from Sydney to Wellington and touched down safely (whew) after a bit of bumpiness. Turbulence has increased its scary effect on me. Strange, no? Most things become second nature the more you do them. Dealing with printed tickets instead of e-tickets; paying for extra check-in weight when I, with high probability, weigh less than any passenger over the age of 17; and absentmindedly going through security with laptop out, flip flops on, nothing in pockets and ready to go through the body scan machine (because it always happens to be me) all come second nature.
Native New Zealand greenery in Wellington Botanical Gardens

Land of Oz

This is going to be a short one because I only spent a little bit of time here. No kangaroo sightings, no barbie, no koalas hopped up on eucalyptus. Those will be prioritized on a future trip. I did, however, spend quite a bit of time on boats. Though not as much as the Kiwis, the Aussies still love their boats. Brothers G & F love boats, and so much so that they both hold a skipper's license (woohoo!).

Boat Views