The Lost, The Stolen, The Forgotten

I am the court jester of misplacing things. Honestly, I don't know how I do it. Here is a tally of items that have disappeared, one way or another, from my pack, not in order:

Concrete Jungle

NYC. Yep, I've been here unexpectedly since just before the Super Bowl (which was viewed at a friend's ridiculously beautiful apartment).

A few of you thought I had run back to the southern continent with the last post but the truth is that I'm behind a few posts on my blog and I'll be posting them (hopefully) in the next few days.

At this stage, I'm not sure whether I will be back on the road again, but either way, fear not, I will find a way to keep this blog rolling.

Missed the Boat

Literally. Part of this 5Day/4Night trek involved taking The Catamaran to the furthest point in the trail and then hiking back to home base. The two synced (or so we thought) buses were supposed to take us to the second, and final, catamaran for the day... except that as we pulled into the lot, we saw the boat push away. No comment came from the bus driver. Clearly, the other companies had made it pre-launch. We did not. Now what? Deviate from the standard 'W' trek. First day's trek which started at 7:30pm involved a 7km hike that looked like this:

Ok, so this part was faux-hiking. Eyes closed, hair a mess, but stunning scenery.

W Trek: Legit Hiking

Torres Del Paine National Park, in the Patagonia Region of Chile

'W' is for 'Worried.' That's one way to describe how I felt about this trek that is supposed to last five days and four nights. My initial plan was to do this thing as part of a tour group but chatting with people who had both done the trek and were going to do the trek, I learned that no one gets a guide for the W trek.. except for old people.