Coasting Coastlines - Uruguay

Getting to Uruguay and then busing through the coastline is about as easy as it gets when traveling. Uruguay itself is not that interesting these days, with its extensive European influence (gained by questionably moral means I'd rather not discuss on this blog).

Punta del Diablo

Starting from Buenos Aires, there is a ferry that whisks you away across the bay (channel? whatever) right into Colonia. Boarder "control" here is interesting because as the Argentine official stamps you out of Argentina, your passport is handed to the person in the adjoining seat...who is the official that welcomes you into Uruguay. Hurray for seamless boarder crossing!

The city that you make Port in is Colonia. The following three major points of interest include Montevideo (the capital), Punta del Este (the most popular getaway, visited mostly by Brazilians and Argentines), and Punt del Diablo (the quietest/quaintest/most remote beach town of the four).

This was the most chill-out, least cultural or site-worthy part of my experience in LatAm. Though there was nothing spectacular to see, I would rather fly down to Uruguay than endure a 5-hour journey to the Hamptons any long weekend. The food was great, the shopping was much more interesting though overpriced, and the people much more relaxed.
El Titani de Homero: Yes that happened. BEST chorizo sandwich. Ever. Podunk truck stand in the middle of nowhere. <3
Los Dedos
Graffiti: even in Uruguay

Rockin' out to a live band with a chick bassist* Thanks for the correction JMR

Town Centre: Punta del Diablo

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