SabbaticaLIST - 30 before 30

Gah! So I have plenty of experiences that need writing but I was so inspired by this British gal whom I met that I had to post this topic first. Oh, and gal? Girl? Lady? Woman? She was about my age but I always have a hard time deciding what to call females. Males are always referred to as guys. Or children. Moving on, I have always been a goal-oriented and a to-do list person but I have never combined both writing lists and long term goals or jotted down things on a bucket list. For some reason it seemed silly, stupid even. I like to let things in my personal life work out organically rather than forcing them, which is what I did/do in my academic/professional life. 

Then I listened to K (the Brit) speak about her career, business development, and decisions until now and I resonated with them. We'd had careers, achieved everything growing up has taught us to achieve as adults, but now what? The economy has gone into the toilet, our careers have plateaued, and superiors at work keep pay and employment rate low to fatten up profit margins while telling us that we are lucky to have jobs. Lucky? Whoops, before I get too fired up on that topic, I'll save it for a potential future post. 

K mentioned that a part of her 'Now what?' was a 30 before 30 list. For some reason this immediately clicked. Now I have my own 30 before 30, sort of. I came up with 24 on a whim. I tried to make them specific, but I know I'll end up editing them, not to mention filling in the blank spots.

Some are silly. Others are not. Most of all, the list is realistic, as noted by the use of 'attempt' on several occasions. Help me shape the existing ones and fill in my blanks! Without further adieu, 30 before 30:

1. Become conversational in Spanish

2. Get diving certified

3. Hike a volcano (preferably active) Active, check!

4. Maintain physique (!)

5. Snowboard in fluffy snow

6. Build something

7. Get comfortable with puff/pie/bread/pastry techniques

8. Attempt hand-eye coordinated sports (I'm active, but catching has never been my forte)

9. Fly a kite

10. See the best remains of the Greek and/or Roman Empire Acropolis and the Temple of Hephaestus

11. Attempt surfing --Taghazout, Morocco!!

12. Gallop on a horse

13. Try paddleboarding --> I was told to replace this one. Any ideas?

14. Travel to a country whose name ends in '-an' (Japan!)

15. See Aurora Borealis

16. Go to sub-Sahara Africa, not SA/See the Great Migration

17. Drive Fairy Tale road in Germany

18. Foz de Iguacu ($%#!... still annoyed)

19. Feed/play with an elephant

20. Temper chocolate

21. Find my perfect red lipstick

22. Learn how to whistle (Momski & Mum JE are amazing at this)

23. Drive a manual car

24. Dabble in authentic Thai cooking

25. See wild roses

26. Photobomb. I'm not sure I succeeded.

27.  Swim x meters.

28.  Find the best burger in 'Muricaaa

29.             ?

30.                ?

There's that. Suggestions welcome, and sometimes the simplest are the best--skipping rocks! Would also be interested in your goals or "I've always wanted to .... "

Now here's a lovely eye candy photo for clicking on the blog post:


  1. climb / hike to a height over 4000m?

    1. Already done. Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia and Colca canyon in Peru