The Lost, The Stolen, The Forgotten

I am the court jester of misplacing things. Honestly, I don't know how I do it. Here is a tally of items that have disappeared, one way or another, from my pack, not in order:

  • *iPhone + *Sunglasses
    • Mendoza, I found the person who stole it (and his former schools and current employment etc...) because he put himself in my contacts with a PHOTO on my iCloud but still couldn't do anything (left the country by then)
  • Combination Master Lock
    • In the under carriage of an overnight bus from Buenos Aires, the cord on my backpack that it was locked on was cut off
  • *Loofah
    • Yes, I carry one around, don't judge me until the following post where I go through my packing list. Unure how it disappeared
  • Head/Face Micro Travel Towel + *Toothbrush/Case
    • El Calafate, forgot them in the TINIEST dorm room I've ever seen
  • iPod Nano, super old generation
    • Bus from Puerto Natalas. Just forgot it.
  • iPhone Charger + Universal Adapter
    • Common area in Puerto Montt Hoste. Contacted host there to see if she found it, "Le comento que una turista de canada lo tomo el adapter Lo siento" Thanks, pal.
  • Perfume Bottle, Victor Rolf Flowerbomb
    • No Clue.
  • Mind
    • Just missing. If anyone has information on the whereabouts of said mind are, please contact me directly. Reward: Sticky Toffee Pudding

*Denotes replaced during travel

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