Standby: Fake Post

Eating at a restaurant called Dresden in Puerto Montt while I wait to board the cargo ship (Navimag). I almost feel like I'm in Germany, as the wooden dining room is completely filled with smoke (and wifi!), except that no one around me is eating yet it is nearly 1PM. Stereotypes exist for a reason: lunch does not get eaten until 3PM. If you thought Spain ran a bit behind schedule, you don't know what's in store until you hit LatAm.

Four days on this boat, no Internet. I'll have several back to back posts on NYE in Valpo, Puerto Montt, and my first ever New Year resolution. I normally hate the idea of a resolution starting at midnight Jan 1, because... seriously, who are you kidding? You're likely loaded up with champagne. Way to start the new year, spending the first day bumming around and being completely useless. This year, while walking around during the first day if the year, I did decide to make a change.


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